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What Are NBA Academies?
NBA Academies, a network of elite basketball training centers around the world, include educational development for top male and female prospects from outside the U.S. and mark the NBA’s signature elite player development initiative. The initiative exposes elite prospects to NBA-level coaching, facilities and competition and provides a global framework for them to maximize their success.

Employing a holistic, 360-degree approach to player development with focuses on education, leadership, character development and life skills, NBA Academies build on the league’s existing grassroots programming, including Basketball Without Borders (BWB) – the NBA and the International Basketball Federation’s (FIBA) global basketball development and community outreach program that has seen more than 50 former campers make it to the NBA.

Since October 2016, NBA Academies have been launched in Canberra, Australia; Jinan, Urumqi and Zhuji, China; Mexico City, Mexico; Delhi National Capital Region (NCR), India; and Thies, Senegal. As part of the program, the student-athletes compete against top competition throughout the year and have an opportunity to be selected for travel teams that play in international tournaments and exhibition games.

Each NBA Academy is staffed with NBA-trained coaches who foster the development of student-athletes on and off the court, during and after their basketball careers. NBA Academy coaches implement a curriculum developed by leading player development coaches that teaches the fundamentals of the game so NBA Academy student-athletes improve individually and as teammates. Each NBA Academy is also staffed with an experienced strength and conditioning coach who helps the student-athletes improve their athleticism and stay healthy.

Depending on the location of the academy, student-athletes either attend a local public school or receive a scholarship to a local private school, and all student-athletes receive academic support as needed. In addition to academic development, the student-athletes receive life-skills training, including health and wellness education, financial management and career development.

The-Skill-Factory (TSF) is an organization providing the sports community with best in class professional services that engage each athlete uniquely and appropriately.  TSF delivers transformative athletic experiences to athletes and families by following a framework that relies on a positive environment, expertise, and integrity.
It is the goal of The-Skill-Factory to develop the next generation of athletes, and people, through a curriculum that teaches sport specific details and character development.

The TSF Player Progression Pathway (PPP) is a long term process that has been studied and proven to help players reach their highest potential.  The PPP is age and stage appropriate and ensures the proper balance of fun, skill building and basketball concepts.  The PPP spans our programming from Youth to Amateur to Pro.  Regardless of how far a player travels through the PPP, the players will develop character values, a healthy lifestyle, understand the importance of performance preparation, and have a love for the game.

The TSF PPP follows the Youth Basketball Guidelines established by the NBA and USA Basketball and values multi-sport participation and understands game and practice quantities, lengths and rest.  The TSF coaches have been educated and prepared to work with players at each level.

The PPP advances through 5 levels.  At each level TSF has unique programming and curriculum that appropriately fits the age and ability.  Though we know that kids develop at different rates and boys and girls differ in their development process, we have attached ages to each level to help garner an understanding of the process.  The five levels are as follows:  Introductory Level (ages 5-8), Foundational Level (ages 9-11), Advanced Level (ages 12-14), Performance Level (ages 15-22), and the Professional Level.

Emory Healthcare and the Atlanta Hawks have partnered to create a pioneering sports medicine complex in Brookhaven, Georgia. Assembled under one roof, the unique requirements of sports medicine & science, specialized therapies, and individualized performance training are directly at your fingertips.

Whether a professional athlete, weekend warrior or just an active person, our expert teams have experience delivering outstanding care to everyone. Get direct access to Emory’s top-tier clinical expertise, research-based care and highly advanced diagnostic, preventive and rehabilitative technology. Our entire team, including orthopedists, sports cardiologists, and other specialists, are board-certified. Plus, our physical therapists have advanced training and certification in intramuscular and manual therapy, Pilates and other disciplines.

Emory Sports Medicine Complex

1968 Hawks Lane
Atlanta, GA 30329

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