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TSF Player Progression Pathway

The TSF Player Progression Pathway (PPP) is a long term process that has been studied and proven to help players reach their highest potential.  The PPP is age and stage appropriate and ensures the proper balance of fun, skill building and basketball concepts.  The PPP spans our programming from Youth to Amateur to Pro.  Regardless of how far a player travels through the PPP, the players will develop character values, a healthy lifestyle, understand the importance of performance preparation, and have a love for the game.

The TSF PPP values multi-sport participation and understands game and practice quantities, lengths and rest.  The TSF coaches have been educated and prepared to work with players at each level.

The PPP advances through 4 levels.  At each level TSF has unique programming and curriculum that appropriately fits the age and ability.  Though we know that kids develop at different rates and boys and girls differ in their development process, we have attached ages to each level to help garner an understanding of the process.  The five levels are as follows:  Introductory Level (ages 5-8), Foundational Level (ages 9-11), Advanced Level (ages 12-14) & the Performance Level (ages 15-22).

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